Ethics in Public Relations A Guide to Best Practice

Ethics in Public Relations A Guide to Best Practice

While ethical practice in any profession is guided by timeless philosophical perspectives, ongoing developments in technology, social media, and social contexts offer new challenges, especially in the field of public relations (PR).  Ethical questions and dilemmas are inherent to public relations, and it is essential that practitioners act ethically.  Public relations professor Patricia J. Parsons explores the key ethical concerns present in the PR world today and offers practical tips and guidance in this updated third edition of Ethics in Public Relations.

The book covers practicing respect and morality, authorship, conflict of interest, PR and the corporate ethics program, moonlighting, and the impact of whistleblowing.  Additionally, there is a new section on sexual harassment, new chapters on social media, ethics in relation to blogger engagement, the development of internal organization image, and extended organizational reputation, and a completely revised section on leadership in PR.

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